New Church Building, how to begin? Step 3

Phasing Plan for Lenexa Kansas Church
Phasing Plan

Step 3 Phasing, Design and Construction

Phasing is an important part of any Master plan that includes mid-range and long-term facility goals.  Indicating the approximate order of facility construction helps to explain the logic behind the plan and how the next steps can be taken. Accurate phasing is not possible without knowing the financial capacity of the community through the results of a capital campaign or other financing program such as bond sales or simple mortgage loan inquiry.  Phasing should also indicate future capital campaign goals and give the church an idea of which parts of the plan are achievable in the known or projected fund-raising capacity of the community.  The first phase of the master plan is often the pivotal event in a new church’s life as it sets the tone for the worship experience during the formative growing years of the church.  Considerations for the quality of the worship experience must be made in order to assure that the new church can fulfill the Vision and Mission of the congregation.

Phasing is not possible without good cost estimating.  Cost estimating is part of the master planning process and can be performed by the architect, a cost estimating consultant or by a contractor.  I have advocated in an earlier post a method I call “Partnering” where the general contractor is selected during the master planning process to help with cost estimating but also to provide input and guidance, See earlier post on master plan cost estimating.

When fund-raising is complete and the determination of the first phase budget is made the development of design and construction documents can begin.  The master plan will need to be adjusted at this time to reflect the current phasing of the project.  The Architect and the consultants on the design team will need to finalize their estimates for the cost of services to reflect the proposed first phase.  The building committee and the design team, along with the contractor if selected through the partnering process, meet on a regular basis to design the new church. Cost estimating is performed during the design phase and during the construction documents phase to assure that the building is staying within the first phase budget.  Regular meetings with the building committee and their review and sign off at critical stages during the design is key to assuring that the Vision and Mission will be achievable within the new facility.

Upon Completion of the Construction documents and the approval of the final bidding of the project construction begins.  During construction a single representative from the building committee is selected to represent the committee for day-to-day questions and approvals during construction. The Building Committee still meets regularly to discuss progress and any issues regarding design or changes to the project that may come up. The Committee representative will be charged with attending meetings at the job site with the architect and contractor on a weekly or by weekly basis to help administer the project.  Conclusion of construction and dedication of the new Church is the eventual goal of every Master Plan, meeting that goal while maintaining the Vision and Mission of the church is the challenge.


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