Worship Center Addition- Before and After

Before exterior from west First United Methodist Church Kearney MO
Before exterior prior to worship center addition

First UMC Kearney had constructed their sanctuary to allow for the removal of the North wall to expand the sanctuary. The wall included a truss spanning the entire North wall.  The orignal intention was to double the size of the sanctuary and move the worship center to the West wall creating a gabled roof and traditional nave church.  The community did not need the to expand by that much but did need to accommodate the music ministry for two different worship services a more traditional service with piano and choir versus a contemporary service with a praise choir and rock instruments.

After Worship center from West
After Worship Center Addition

The solution was to create a worship center addition that could accommodate both with minimal set up and tear down while achieving some seating expansion.  The worship center also needed to be flexible for theatrical events.  The  prayer rail at the leading edge of the platform is removable to accommodate a variety of presentations.  The opportunity was taken to correct the acoustics in the space and update audio and video projection systems.

Before worship center at First United Methodist Church Kearney
Before Worship Center

The design incorporates daylighting to offset electric lighting loads and to add warmth. Windows to the East and West of the worship center are controlled with roller shades to allow for video presentations.  Theatrical lights are mounted above the worship center and controlled at the rear of the sanctuary.

New worship center daylighting and video screens
After  Expanded Worship Center

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