Hillside Christian Church Before and After

Sanctuary before HVAC remodel, worhsip center relocation and seating changes
Before – Sanctuary Remodel
Nave plan seating to side oriented radial plan seating at Hillside Christian Church
After – Sanctuary Remodel

The Sanctuary renovation at Hillside Christian Church accomplishes many key objectives to advance the church mission and values. First, by relocating the altar and pulpit to the side of the existing sanctuary the distance from the congregation to the presider is reduced significantly without meaningful reduction in seating capacity.  This distance is critical to establish connection between the presider and congregation. We prefer this distance to not exceed 50’.  When this distance is greater video screens and large images are required to create any kind of visual understanding of facial expression and a meaningful connection.  The soffit added along the length of the space conceals mechanical ductwork and lighting replacing problematic two pipe HVAC perimeter system that has failed repeatedly.  New windows are proposed to add daylight to a presently dark space. New lighting is proposed as well adding sparkle and metaphor to the design.  New flooring and acoustical remediation will make the space exceptional  for music and speech. The change to seats from pews allows for flexible arrangements, seasonal changes and rearrangement for weddings and funerals.  The renovations proposed look to the future while preserving elements of the past making both stronger in the new arrangement.

WSKF Architects Inc.

John E Freshnock


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